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Slow Tourism

Discover Slow Tourism

People looking to get away and relax in a tropical environment should take the time to check out Mi Playa Vacation Rentals. We have a few different accommodation options to choose from that are ideal for couples' getaways or a family vacation. One of the great things about our villas is that they are peaceful and quiet and only steps away from some of the most diverse nature anywhere. There are vast beaches next to the blue ocean that have plenty of fish and marine life like no other place on earth. The Galápagos Islands are known for their wide diversity of plants and animals, and visitors can experience this first hand when they stay at our villas. To learn more about the range of options we currently offer, please take time to browse through the website. Our potential guests can use contact information to reach out to us directly for answers to questions or to get assistance with reservations.

Travelers looking for the ideal place to experience slow tourism should take some time to check out the accommodations at Mi Playa Vacation Rentals. Our villas are ideal for single travelers, couples, and even families. They are located right next to the beach overlooking some of the most magnificent waters in the world. There is a wide diversity of plants and animals located across the islands, and this location brings it right to the outskirts of the villas. Nearby there are plenty of areas to explore and see. Whether it's a water adventure or hiking across volcanic landscapes dotted with iguanas and other native wildlife. Please reach out to us directly to get assistance with reservations or to get answers to questions. We want to be the place people escape to when they want to experience the best nature in the tropics has to offer.

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