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Actualizado: 17 nov 2021

The Galapagos sea lions have become an endemic on the islands, they were brought by the ocean currents that influence the archipelago from December to May, something like 7-8 million years ago, their direct ancestor is the Californian sea lion. The genetic differences between the two are more than what we can see but from looking at

them you can see that there is a big difference in size, just to give you an example, an alpha male in California will normally weight more than a ton, while our alpha mails weight something like 700 pounds at the most! Maybe an adaptation to living right at the equator? easier to cool down if you are smaller.

Baby (sometimes not that young) sea lions are pretty spoiled and stay with their moms for up to 3 years, they just love to be with them and off course get an easy meal!

Video shot by Gabriela Bowen at El Estero, one of the most beautiful lookout points on the way to the Wall of Tears, Isabela-Galapagos

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