Discover Oceanfront Getaways

People who want to get away to a tropical paradise need to check out Mi Playa Vacation Rentals in the Galápagos Islands. There, tourists will find a lush ecosystem that is pristine and gives visitors the chance to connect with the inhabitants, whether they are locals or wildlife. There is so much to take in and do without the hustle and bustle of a busy island or city-style vacation. Now is the time to book your house or room and stay in one of the top hotels in the area. To learn more about the room and house options, we offer, please browse through the tabs on the website. There are descriptions of each option, along with the price per night. To learn more about these rooms or the area in general, please use the contact information to reach out to us directly.

At Mi Playa Vacation Rentals, we offer incredible beachfront rooms and houses that provide all the luxury and comfort you want without all the hustle and bustle of a busy tropical island. Our visitors get to connect with an incredible ecosystem that is full of beautiful plants and exotic animals. There are tons of areas to explore - each with its own unique appeal. Whether visitors want to swim or fish in the deep blue waters of the Galapagos or take a hike and see the abundance of iguanas or other tropical creatures indigenous to the area, it's only steps away from our location. To learn more, please use the contact information to reach out to us directly. Someone will be happy to get back to you.