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Long-term Rental

We Offer Long-term Rental

People who plan to visit the Galápagos Islands in the near future should check out the incredible accommodations offered by Mi Playa Vacation Rentals. We have incredible rooms that are comfortable and atmospheric. Whether it's a relaxing getaway or a family vacation, we have options that fit each need. Our guests can rent a whole house or choose to rent a single room for a reasonable price. In addition, we also feature beachfront rooms and are located near all the attractions that encourage visitors to come to these islands. Our guests can connect with the diverse wildlife and explore the blue sea to find an experience like none other. To learn more, please browse through the tabs on the website and use the contact information featured on the page to reach out for more information or assistance with making a reservation.

Anyone interested in visiting the Galápagos Islands for an extended time should inquire about our rooms and house at Mi Playa Vacation Rentals. Our accommodations are luxurious and comfortable and make the perfect place to get away and slow down. Rather than visiting a busy area with many people, tourists can get an immersive experience without doing without the comforts of home. Whether guests plan to stay for a few days or a long-term visit, we have options that meet each need. To learn more about the range of options we currently offer, please browse through all the tabs and read the descriptions. There are also prices listed for convenience. For answers to questions or assistance with a reservation, please use the contact information on the screen.

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