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After Arrival to Baltra Airport, you go down to Puerto Ayora, in Santa Cruz Island where you will take the speed boat to Isabela. The largest and one of youngest islands of the archipelago.

Isabela is made out of 6 volcanoes that have joined  together, the southern volcanos remain volcanically active.

Once you check at Mi Playa,

Rebekka will explain how the house works and will show you the town. . 

8:am walk into a world of recent geological history. Hike through the highlands until you arrive at the rim of Sierra Negra volcano, an active caldera that last erupted in 2015. You hike along the rim of this colossal 6x5 mile-wide (9x8 km) lava-filled crater.

Continue down into the caldera of Volcan Chico, a parasite cone on the side of Sierra Negra, here you will explore incredible lava formations and puffing fumaroles. Take in the endless hues of reds, blacks, oranges, and yellows that make up this otherworldly landscape.

9: am You start a hike or could rent bikes to take a long trail that will end in the "Wall of Tears", a rich human history site known as punishment place for the inmates of the penal colony that settled in Isabela some time ago.  As you get to the place you have many different options of paths that take should show you  the many marine ecosystems of the island. 

Bing all kinds of sun protection including water, it can be long and hot. 

2:pm you head out to Tintoreras, a set of small islets within Villamil´s bay, to walk through a otherworldly landscape of lava rocks where we will be walking among a marine Iguana colony.

The islets are home to the Galapagos penguin - the only tropical penguin of the planet which nests in the northern hemisphere.

As we snorkel small beaches and coves, we can find sharks, sea lions, sea turtles and different species of rays among schools of tropical fish.



Day 5



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Day 7 


You have a beautiful 4km long beach right where the house is, so you can relax and walk along shore, where you will have a chance to find different species of migratory birds.

Exploring and relaxing at your own pase will really give you the chance to take a real brake in life and time.


You also have some time off to explore the town and discover some of the areas where the locals have fun.

9:am departure from the main dock, an hour  long navigation to get to Tuneles, on the way, you might get to see manta rays and sea turtles  on the surface of the water. 

Entering Tuneles can apparently be a tricky affair but  inside the breakers, the water is calm, shallow and crystal clear, It is like snorkeling in an aquarium.

Los Tuneles is perhaps the most amazing place you will ever visit on this planet.

Early departure to take the speed boat to Puerto Ayora. You will immediately take a Taxi to go to Baltra Airport where you will check in for the flight to the mainland.

Those who want can take an inter-island flight in a 5 to 9 capacity plane. The flight from Isabela to the Baltra Airport is 30 minutes and connects to the flight to the mainland.

This service is optional, should be reserved at least 48 hours in advance. 












Tours and activities are only recommended. Guests will decide what to do while on the Island. 

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