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Ximena Cordova

Even though I was born in the mountains I have now become an islander, evolution has had a toll on me, I went from shopper while working in New York City to environmentalist and sustainable development believer living in Galapagos. 

Introduced to Galapagos by the Charles Darwin Research Station as a graphic design artist, I discovered the islands while making books on environmental education for the schools of the archipelago. I then became a naturalist guide and worked as one for 15 years onboard the ships that cruise the islands on a weekly basis.

Through personal observation, scientific theory, and natural history,  I understood the fragility of the young Islands' ecosystems. Having spent all this time with the ecological naive creatures that inhabit the Islands, I learned all there is to know about them, the only thing I am missing is being able to talk to them.

As the owner of Mi Playa, I want to share with you what I know. I suggest you choose  "slow tourism" as the only way to engage in the sustainable development of our communities.

I look forward to having you with us!


Our Clients

"My family and I stayed at Mi Playa for the Isabela portion of our trip at the end of May 2021. David and Rebekka went out of their way to make sure that we had everything we needed in a pleasant and friendly way. David even brought us some warm yucca bread! Which was very nice and very good. David acted like our own personal concierge by helping to book all of our activities while on the island. The place was very clean and spacious—my teenage boys had enough room. The location was convenient to shops, restaurants, and just about everything else we needed. And the place was about as beachfront as you can get without actually being in the water. There was absolutely nothing in front or off to the side that could block our view of the ocean. I highly recommend Mi Playa and will stay here in the future when we return". George, June 1, 2021

"This is a fantastic place to stay on this enchanted island of the Galápagos. Clean, functional, stylish, and in the best location in front of the ocean. Top recommendation. Thank you so much, Ximena!" Ricardo and Nataly, Feb 29, 2021 

"This place couldn’t be more perfect!! Picture the perfect beach and love sleeping to the sound of the surf! Clean and have everything you could possibly want/need, including boogie boards!! The best place on Isabela, hands down!". Stacy, March, 2020

"This beachfront paradise is a stunning place to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Isabela right outside your door! Ximena and Edgar are the perfect hosts and are so responsive and helpful with any question or request". Debbie, March, 2020

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